Our Mission

We're Hempified, A team of full-time professionals and workout-aholics whose mission was to find the best way to balance health, performance, and lifestyle. While it's tempting to let our sleep slip so we could pack everything into our day, we each noticed that a good night's rest was the true key to maximum efficiency. Quality sleep would help us focus, feel energized, and achieve more in the same time frame, but how to get to sleep when there's so much to be done?

CBD is long known to promote relaxation, anxiety relief, and mood enhancing among other benefits (check out our blog posts and studies). But so many products out there include additives and potential contaminants that we just couldn't trust. So what better way than to develop your own? We first entered this sphere for our own benefit, but quickly realized our product needed to be shared with the world. Our dietary supplement is organic, raw broad-spectrum CBD backed by lab tests, with no contaminants, no THC, and no high. We don't offer you anything that we wouldn't take ourselves!